2015 Team America 4R Veterans

2011 Desert Camo Scarves- let’s keep our Heroes warm!

ALL HANDS ON DECK:  Do you or someone you know  knit or crochet? 
America 4R Marines 2011 “Operation Scarves to our Marines and Sailors” has now begun! Our mission this year is for 5,550 hand made Desert sand Camo scarves!
We need all the help we can get to achieve our goal!
Maybe some of your friends or family members knit or crochet??
Do you belong to a  knitting club or just love to knit/crochet?
Please check out “Yarn and Thread by Lisa” by visiting http://www.yarn-and-threadbylisa.biz/pages/MarineScarves.htm . All details are on Lisa’s site.
A huge thanks once again to Lisa from Threads by Lisa, an on-line site that sells yarns at a discounted price. Lisa has been wonderful to the MOM 4R MARINES (of course, now AMERICA 4R MARINES!) scarf mission for over 3 years now. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

India Company keeping warm with the A4RM's Desert camo Scarves.


If you’re interested, please hold onto any completed scarves until mid November. The scarves this year will be going to battalions deployed in Afghanistan, hopefully along with the Christmas stockings in early December. However, we need to raise a bundle to get what we need accomplished for the Christmas stockings this year.

America 4R Marines Desert Sand Camo scarves. This is what the scarves should all look like when completed.



All details on the stitch and yarns that must be used are on Yarn and Thread by Lisa. UPDATE LISA NO LONGER IS IN THE YARN BUSINESS- SHE WILL POSTING WHO TOOK OVER THAT END OF HER BUSINESS.  If you want to get a group together you can buy in BULK. There is a $150.00 order minimum but there is no quantity minimum. You can order in the quantity needed for each item and receive an additional 15% off the price. Remember, Lisa’s prices are already at least 20 – 25% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Marine Scarves

The patterns call for 2 strands to be worked  together. The ideal yarns are the Rococo and the Desert Sand. But for anyone  that has trouble knitting or crocheting with a textured yarn like the Rococo may  use the Lace Caron and the Desert Sand. Please DO NOT use all three yarns  together.

See below for the Knit and Crochet Pattern used for the Marine  Scarves.

Marine Scarf Pattern

The Scarf is made holding 2 strand together. The scarf needs  to be 7 inches wide and about 42 inches long when finished.

As Quoted by the designer; “The scarf is worked with either  Rococo + Desert Sand or Caron Lace + Desert  Sand”

Crochet Pattern
Use Size J or K Crochet Hook ch 18 (or however many you need to make 7 inches wide) Work in DC until about 42 inches long.                         NO FRINGE


Knit Pattern

Use US Size 13-15 knitting needles

Cast on 18sts or however many stitches you need for 7 inches wide

Work in seed stitch 1st Row: K1, P1. 2

Second Row: P1, K1.

Repeat these 2 rows until scarf measures 42 inches long.                      NO FRINGE

For easy distribution please bag each  scarf individually in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag with the air  released.

This project and scarf was founded and designed by the 3rd Battalion 2nd  Marine parent network.

Scarves can be mailed through the mid November to:

Linda Chamberlain

156 Waverly Rd.

Southampton , PA 18966.

God Bless and thanks so much for your kind offer and response.

Semper Fi



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