2015 Team America 4R Veterans

As our Marines and Sailors presence in Afghanistan doubles–so does their needs!

As our Marines and Sailors presence in Afghanistan doubles–so does their needs!

MOM 4R MARINES continues to send needed items weekly! Please help us now by making a donation so we can continue to lift the morale and provide some basic comforts to those that continue to fight for our freedoms! WE purchase items in bulk at wholesale prices! Shipping costs alone are expensive. Our normal size box weighs over 50 lbs.

We do NOT send individual care packages;  We work directly with units and Battalions. The USMC does not ask for anything! MOM 4R MARINES learns of these needs–contacts the proper source, questions and confirms the need and offers to assist.

As more and more Units/ Battalions continue to arrive in Afghanistan we must be prepared to send them the support and items they will need. Considering the very hot weather is upon them already…. The other day it hit 115 degrees in Afghanistan, we must plan accordingly to send them our support with all the love we can muster!

We Need YOUR support! Our Marines and Sailors need YOU! The reality is they do NOT have access to the basic necessities, you and I assume as common place in our daily lives. These young men and woman NEVER ask for a thing! Recently I was told when receiving items such as toilet seats,  very basic human needs, things we take for granted, they SMILE ear to ear!  It means the world to them!!!

Please help us help them!!

Without all of YOU our past missions would never have been so successful. We are only the middle man YOU are a very crucial part of our organization.

These young warriors are giving so much of themselves, they must see visually– that we back home have NOT forgotten them, by sending them items which will lift their morale immensely! Their daily sacrifices are huge, doing it with those of us back home foremost in their minds, continuing to keep our country free from terrorism and reap the benefits of our freedoms.

God Bless ALL our Military Past and Present. I am proud to be an American because of YOU!


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