2015 Team America 4R Veterans

Happy Holidays!

From America 4R Marines!

As we celebrate the holiday season with our family and friends, please keep our Marines, Sailors, and all our military in your thoughts and prayers. We wish them all a very happy and SAFE holiday season and thank them for their bravery, selflessness, and courage that provide us with protection and freedom. While many of them cannot be home enjoying their holiday traditions, America 4R Marines has worked (and will continue to work) hard to bring as many traditions to them as possible.

Our missions would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and all the patriotic Americans that have donated their time, energy, products, and money. To all those that make OUR missions a success — THANK YOU! May you also have a wonderful holiday season.

The work at America 4R Marines never stops. 5,550 stockings to deployed Marines and Sailors. Building memorials to honor and remember our fallen warriors. Helping out in special circumstances. We try to touch the hearts of all those that keep us the land of the free because of their bravery. Please continue to support America 4R Marines. Make a donation to help continue making our missions a success.

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