2015 Team America 4R Veterans

Operation: Happy Birthday Marines! OORAH!!!

Did You Know?

  • The United States Marine Corps was born AT Tun Tavern, Philadelphia on 10 November 1775.
  • The USMC Birthday is “the most cherished tradition” of ALL Marines past and present.

As the birthplace of the Marine Corps, Philadelphians have a unique opportunity to celebrate our city’s history
by supporting the 236th birthday of the United States Marine Corps and to honor all those brave men and women
who have or are presently serving in the USMC!

Situation: Marines presently deployed living in very remote, volatile Areas of Operations, are making HUGE personal sacrifices and risking their lives for OUR FREEDOMS which we all reap as Americans! Regardless of anyone’s political opinions, our troops go where they are required and do what they are told to do!

Mission: America 4R Marines is asking businesses, restaurants, bars and citizens throughout the greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas to help America 4R Marines to support forward deployed Marine Corps units over the week of the USMC Birthday by creating a plan of attack to:

  • Create awareness of the birthday of the Marine Corps
  • Design a fund raising event in your business and/or community to coincide with the weekend of the

Marine Corps’ birthday (November 10-13, 2011). Goal: Honor & support those in combat that cannot be home to celebrate the 236th Birthday of the USMC!

Execution: Residents of Philadelphia and the surrounding regions will be asked to patronize participating businesses during November 10-13, 2011.

Administration/Logistics: Please contact Sgt. Jacob D. Maenner, Sr., Marine veteran, to learn how you can participate in this Operation: Philly.Marines@gmail.com or call A4RM’s Office 215-659-0311. Sgt. Maenner will coordinate details with each participant at the time of registration.

Like Marines who defend our freedoms, we are asking YOU to: IMPROVISE, ADAPT and OVERCOME all your challenges assuring total success of “YOUR” Mission to support THEM!

All funds raised will go directly toward the purchase and/or shipment of much needed items, including our 6th Annual Merry Christmas Marines and Sailors!

  • Christmas stocking
  • Flashlights
  • Rifle cleaning supplies
  • Traditional holiday treats
  • Protective garments
  • Waterproof notepads
  • Disposable cameras
  • Footprints in the sand poem
  • And much, much more!
  • America 4R Marines is an all-volunteer organization. It is our pleasure to serve those courageous enough to defend our nation!

Participants in “Operation Happy Birthday Marines” will receive a Certificate of Appreciation, and the top three registrants with the highest donations will receive special recognition!