2015 Team America 4R Veterans

About “America 4R Marines”

America 4R Marines was originally founded in 2006 by Patty Lewis as Mom 4R Marines.  As the organization has grown over it’s first five years, Patty found that the original name, Mom 4R Marines, seemed to encompass only “moms” when, in fact, it is clear that ALL of America stands proudly behind our Marines and Sailors.

America 4 R Marines continues to operate by the following creed:

Our WARRIORS must see that they are never forgotten by those of us back home! We promise to support, recognize, show our PRIDE and dedication to those,  past and present, who have served and fought on our behalf for the Freedoms we reap daily as Americans.

Providing Comfort to Our Marines and Sailors

We focus on those Marines and Sailors who are deployed in some of the most unfriendly and hellish spots in the Middle East. These Out Post (OP’s) assignments are usually hundreds of miles from main bases and, therefore, hundreds of miles from many of the basic humane amenities that we take for granted on a daily basis. Items that bring a bit of the USA to them in their caves, their tents or simply in their back packs.

Unlike other Military nonprofit organizations, who typically send care packages to serving individuals, America 4R Marines sends products we know are needed and appreciated to ENTIRE BATTALIONS OR UNITS currently deployed.  We communicate directly with the Command Elements of the battalions and units we support, including those in the most remote AO’s (Area of Operations).

Our largest annual shipment is for Christmas. Every day is difficult when away from your loved one. However over Christmas no matter how tough they are- most Warriors do miss the family traditions. We send those traditions to them! We only send products we know they need and want. We fill the stockings with small tactical gear along with other useful products. All stockings are identical for easy assembly.
2010 Easter Egg Hunt at Camp LeJeune

Support of Spouses and Children

America 4R Marines supports spouses and children of deployed Marines and Sailors during each of the holiday seasons. Having a loved one deployed is very difficult. Lifting the morale of spouses and children is a direct lift in the morale of our deployed, letting them know that their families are also not forgotten.

Memorials to Our Fallen Heroes

America 4R Marines has built memorials to honor our Fallen Heroes and will continue to do so. These brave Warriors have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. They and their families will never be forgotten! Their legacies must live on!

Why Do We Support?

Our Ultimate Satisfaction: knowing we sent them a smile, our warm hugs are felt in each box we send, even if for only five minutes it means so much to our Marines and Sailors to know that perfect strangers from back home stand behind them 100%! !

Who do we support?

The Marines and Sailors in the remote OP’s ( Out Posts) have no beds. They sleep on the hard ground, full of gravel and rocks after a thirty-six hour mission, holding tight to their weapons. There is no nearby base to go back to where they might enjoy a proper break and some decent food. America 4R Marines has been in contact with those familiar with these environments and the lack of basic amenities that exists, and sends items that will make the biggest impact for these individuals.

Five years since our birth we remain “truly” a 100% fully volunteered organization, with 98.6% of every dollar going directly to the Marines and Sailors we support. Not one person on the Board of Directors or those who act as State Team Leaders receives a penny for self benefit. Our benefit is much larger than an monetary amount – we have the satisfaction and peace of mind that, even though we may never meet those we support, we have made an impact and lifted the morale of the many Marines and Sailors who continue to give their all for our freedom.

Letting our Marines and Sailors know that America, perfect strangers to them, stand behind them and appreciate the huge sacrifices they make on our behalf daily.  That is the entire focus of America 4R Marines.

PLEASE, hit the donate button and send us $5.00 or $5,000.00, or any amount that you can, and know that 98.6% of every dollar received will directly benefit our Marines and Sailors!

PLEASE help us by making your donation today!

They MUST see AMERICA stands behind them! God Bless all our Military! God Bless America!

OR make check payable to “America 4R Marines” and mail to:

TD Bank
C/O America 4R Marines
2900 W Moreland Rd
Willow Grove, PA 19090-3051